“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle


Micah was raised in upstate New York and joined the military in 2003, later becoming a US Navy SEAL and paramilitary contractor. He is the founder and CEO of Montana-based nonprofit, Heroes and Horses, and is known for the execution of ideas that change people’s lives through action, inspiration, and the shifting of beliefs.

Micah is an innovator in every sense of the word. When he was a young boy, Micah’s father told him that the key to success was to “look at what everyone else is doing, and do the exact opposite”, and Micah has lived that advice to a ‘t’. Micah started Heroes and Horses in 2014 after realizing that, despite the thousands of PTSD-related nonprofits, and the billions spent every year, the statistics on veteran suicide and addiction was growing rapidly. In response to these staggering statistics, Micah created a veteran nonprofit with programming that was unlike anything else out there.

Micah continues to inspire groups of people, from all different walks of life, through his unique approach to “motivational speaking”, and is frequently hired by sports teams and large corporations to ignite innovate thinking within their team members.  


"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs  "


Micah is available for a wide variety of speaking engagements, including corporate retreats, team-building events, and key-note speaking opportunities. 

Micah tailors each of his talks to match the demographic and goals of the audience - no two talks are alike. 

Speaking fees are determined based on the audience/event size, and desired length of the talk.

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frank spent 24 hours with Micah Fink, the founder of Heroes and Horses, at his Montana home, office, and ranch. Micah spent 10 years in the most elite SEAL Teams the Navy has. Heroes and Horses is a Montana-based nonprofit organization that has created an innovative, three-phase reintegration program, which is offered to qualifying combat veterans (at no cost to them) suffering from PTSD.

Combat veteran Micah Fink founded Heroes and Horses on an isolated Montana ranch to fill the void of veterans programs that saw veterans helping veterans dealing with PTSD.

For more information on the 500 Miles Project, visit www.heroesandhorses.org/500-miles

A Navy Seal's Mission to Help Other Combat Veterans Find Their New Purpose: http://americansnippets.com/heroes-and-horses-help-veterans/ Heroes and Horses provides extreme expedition-style horse pack trips that teach self-reliance, teamwork and perseverance. Experienced instructors, many who are combat veterans themselves, lead teams of veterans and their pack animals into the wilderness on epic, life-changing journeys of discovery.
We were just two days into a month-long, 500-mile pack trip in the New Mexico and Arizona wilderness with the goal of training the mustangs for service in a veterans’ program. Things were not going as planned.
— Men's Journal

What a Veteran Brings to the Backwoods of Montana: Former Navy SEAL takes trips with combat veterans and a fleet of horses to help them transition back to civilian life.
— The Wall Street Journal

I learn later around the campfire that Fink is a strong proponent of the notion that the greater the struggle, the greater the value. He believes that struggle is an essential element of a satisfying life. If everything is always easy, life begins to lose its value—a lesson Fink learned from experience.
— Kuhl Magazine


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